Our team

Our highly skilled Engineers and technicians are dedicated to provide best services to our valued clients through designing, fabrication and Installation

Mr.Mohammed Ampili
Executive Manager
E mail:mohdampili@mate-sa.com

Mr.Muhammed Ahmed Abdul Haija
Marketing Dept.

Mr.Showkat Ali Fazal
Engineering Dept.
E mail: shoukat@mate-sa.com

Mr.Tarik Hossain
Production Dept.
E mail: tarik@mate-sa.com

Mr.Shohidul Islam
Finance Dept.
E mail: shohid@mate-sa.com

Mr.Babar Bashir
Engineering Dept.
E mail: babar@mate-sa.com

Mr.Mahboob Ali
Engineering Dept.
E mail: mahboob@mate-sa.com



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